The Whitebait season is finally starting

After months of waiting the whitebait season is finally starting slowly and we will be receiving the first landings soon!

In October 2022 we faced very high water temperatures of more than 10°C and therefore our fishermen were only catching regular sizes. As comparison: the water in October 2021 was around 5°C. Luckily,  the weather changed in November and December 2022 with temperatures below -20°C. However, these months were still very poor months for the fishery. The hard wind and snow storms enabled us to fish for whitebait only for a few days.

In addition to the poor catches, the TAC went down this year with 14% meaning less whitebait to catch. And to top it all off there is a huge price increase of raw material due to high production costs, high fuel costs, high packing costs and less workers available at the factories.

The Interseafish whitebait brand is one of the best quality whitebait around and we have already been selling this product for more than 30 years.  Small day-by-day boats catch our whitebait during a few hours and immediately return to the factory, which is located next to the sea. The fish is immediately unloaded from the fishing boat and processed, all in a few hours.

The following products will be available again soon:

-          Plain Whitebait
-          Coated Whitebait
-          Dusted Whitebait
-          HG Coated Whitebait
-          HG plain Whitebait.

All available in ISF brand, Private label retail or bulk. 

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