The official opening of our new -60°C coldstore.

After months of hard work and preparation, the time had finally come! On Wednesday the 10th of November 2021, we officially opened our new -60°C coldstore. It was a very festive and special moment for us but also for our partner Benmar BVBA.

Our sales department was present together with our founder Jan Schot and commercial director Jeroen van Galen. After a short tour through our new -60°C coldstore with accompanying explanations about the new facilities and techniques, the honor was given to Jan Schot and Jeroen van Galen to perform the official opening ceremony of our new coldstore!










As soon as the doors opened for the first time we got to experience the immense cold coming over us. It is not very pleasant to be in this cold for a long time so it is not without reason that the logistics employees have to work in several layers of clothes and are well-covered during summer and winter season.
After a short look in the cold store, the gentlemen quickly returned inside to warm up and toasted to the realization of this beautiful project.


With this investment we have doubled our storage capacity for -60°C products. The coldstore has the latest techniques that make it a lot more energy efficient than its predecessor and is ready for a new, more sustainable era.
At Interseafish we attach great importance to sustainability and this new -60°C storage contributes to a better future!