The current Soft Shell Crab situation

Since last year it is extremely difficult to get enough Soft Shell Crabs.

Soft Shell Crabs are very sensitive to the weather and due to climate changes at origin we are facing 80% mortality in our farms. Prices went up with 50% and we are not seeing more supply possibilities for the coming months.

We expect our next container, that is uncommonly delayed due to these circumstances, to arrive in August 2019. The following sizes will be available: Medium, Hotel, Prime, Jumbo and Whale.

Mud Crab (Scylla serrata)

We are only sourcing the best Soft Shell Crabs available which is the Mud Crab (Scylla Serrata). A small packer in Thailand is exclusively producing this product for us using the freshest crabs. The crabs are farmed in a natural and unpolluted environment where no antibiotics are used. Our packer uses natural molting as farming process which gives the crabs a premium consistency of flesh and taste.

The differences in farming:

Natural Molting (Interseafish Crabs)
• Crabs are mature enough to molt
• Legs and claws are in proportion with body size due to mature molting
• Solid meat content

Forced Molting (other packers)
• Legs and claws are cut to force molting
• Legs and claws are proportionally smaller / thinner than body size due to forced molting
• Less meat content









Our BRC certified processing factory is located close to the farms to ensure high quality and fresh Soft Shell Crabs. Are you interested in our Soft Shell Crabs?