Soft Shell Crabs recipe

In the previous newsletter we promised you an update regarding our Spisula’s from Dutch origin after sharing one of our favorite recipes. Unfortunately there are toxins in the fishing water so we are not allowed to catch these molluscs and thus not able to offer any. So instead we would like to share a recipe for our Soft Shell Crabs with you since we have new arrivals coming in shortly.

Preparation time
30 minutes (defrosting time not included)

6 servings
372 kcal / serving

- 1kg whole cleaned jumbo soft-shell crabs (12 pc)
- 360g flour
- 10g salt
- 5g pepper
- 180 ml oil
- 90g unsalted butter at room temperature
- 30g chopped parsley  
- juice of 3 lemons

Cooking instruction:
Defrost 1kg of our soft shell crabs, for example the jumbo’s with 12 pieces per kg, prior to cooking. Make sure to remove the plastic wrap from each soft shell crab and to place the crabs on a plate for defrosting. Pre-heat the oven at 100°C.

When the crabs are defrosted, take a bowl and mix the flour with the salt and pepper. Place the mix evenly on a flat plate and cover 2 soft shell crabs on both sides in the mixture and shake off the excess.

Meanwhile heat up 30ml of oil (based on own preference) in a sauté pan until hot and place the 2 coated soft shell crabs in the pan and fry until gold and crips (back side 3 minutes and front side 2 minutes). Be careful since the crabs might splash while frying.

Mix the butter with the parsley and the juice from the lemons in a separate bowl.

Once the soft shell crabs are done place them in an oven try and cover with the butter, parsley and lemon mixture. Make sure you use 1/6th of the mixture so there is enough left of the other 5 servings of 2 soft shell crabs. Place the covered and fried soft shell crabs in the oven to keep them warm and repeat all the steps again until all the soft shell crabs are done. 

You can serve the soft shell crabs with a side dish of your own preference.
Enjoy your meal! 

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