Interseafish on the road

Part of being informed and sharing information with other stakeholders is visiting food exhibitions. The end of last year we visited Anuga and Conxemar. Although Anuga is a very broad event, covering virtually all kinds of Food and Beverage, it is a good venue to meet with clients and suppliers. Conxemar is 100% focused on seafood and last year’s edition was a very successful one. From the last ten years this seemed to be the biggest and busiest one. We will visit Conxemar again this year in the first week of October. For many companies in our industry 2023 has been a rather hectic year with many challenges and opportunities. Lack of stocks, too much stock, increasing prices, prices dropping suddenly, less stable freight prices. Enough to talk about. One of the main events of the year is always Seafood Expo in Barcelona, previously in Brussels. We will be visiting the SEG this year again and, like last year, we are looking forward to having a chat with you there. We will be there all three days from 23rd up until the 25th of April 2024. But before that, we can meet in Bremen on the 26th of February.