EU: problems with tuna from Vietnam

A lot of the “red tuna” that is offered in Europe is treated with all kinds of E-numbers to keep the colour, flavour etc.. This means they are basically “painting” a tuna that is not sashimi grade and make it look like one with all associated risks, not in the least our health. A lot of this is processed and exported by Vietnamese companies. Many of the vessels that catch the tuna are purse seine vessels. The EU have recently done a survey in Vietnam and they have found out that many of these vessels only have brine cooling on board and no freezing capacity. Therefore the EU state that the fish is not fit for export under 0304 87: “- Frozen fillets of other fish:  -- Tunas”. They state that this tuna can only be used for canning.

Our tuna is caught by South Korean vessels with a strong -60°C freezing capacity, so our saku and loins have nothing to do with any of this. Our tuna is frozen on board immediately after catch, 100% natural and 100% sashimi grade according to all standards. Last but not least, our tuna saku will soon all be packed in 5 kg boxes, which will make it more convenient.